Weekly Photo Challenge: Illumination

We have been challenged this week by WordPress to share an image that means illumination to us. There are several interpretations of illumination such as to decorate with lights, enlighten with knowledge, make resplendent, to make clear, or as I am interpreting the challenge, to supply or brighten with light.

Illumination©2012 Tracy L. Constantine

©2012 Tracy L. Constantine

The image above was captured during the peak of a hot summer day. Everything was still until midday when the wind began to blow from the North. This tulip beckoned me out of my cool home by waving at me through the window. I’m very glad that it did. I spent several hours capturing the light illuminating the petals of various flowers. This tulip is a striking example of nature and the way it can not only cast light on the flowers and our surroundings, but can brighten our lives. It only took a slight wave to enlighten mine.


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