Announcing the Chicago Air Show

Hurry…before he get’s away!

For days, I’ve heard the growling sound of jets in the sky above as the pilots prepare for The Chicago Air & Water Show this weekend, August 18th & 19th. It’s a free event that millions of people enjoy with their family and friends. The event takes place in Chicago, Illinois. If you are in the area, find a spot that gives you a clear view of the sky and you won’t be disappointed. Every year, the planes fly between the skyscrapers in the city and then speed toward the lake. The pilots perform acrobatics that will take your breath away. If you get the chance to sit on the beach, you will swear that their wings are about to brush the shores of Lake Michigan before they disappear in a blur, only return a few moments later to perform another amazing feat. Be prepared because once you start watching you will not want to stop.

The photo was taken by me a few years ago using a Canon EOS Rebel with a standard 75-300mm zoom lens. This was my first encounter with such high speed objects. I hope that I will have the opportunity to practice again this year.

Hurry…before he get’s away…

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2 responses to “Announcing the Chicago Air Show

  1. Interesting unusual picture. What’s all the other clutter attached/around the plane? Never been to an air show so I don’t know anything about it…except it was one of Chucks fav’s along with Oshkosh!

    • My understanding is that the ‘cloud’ is caused by the pressure differences as the jet breaks the speed of sound. The water vapor surrounding the plane is normally invisible, but when the pressure suddenly drops it causes the water vapor to condense and turn to fog. The Chicago Air Show is one of my favorites, too. 🙂

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