Millions of Years in the Making

Millions of years have formed the massive landscape that we call The Grand Canyon. I’ve visited this park more than ten times and have always found myself in awe of the spectacular views. Not only have I seen it from the North and the South Rim, but I have followed the paths of many others to admire its depths.


One response to “Millions of Years in the Making

  1. Can you imagine what it must have been like when that first wagon train scout got here and said OK…where do we go from here? It is one of the most spectacular places I’ve ever been. Someone once said to me when we were making a return trip for the umpteenth time…..why are you going back again? It’s just a big hole…once you’ve seen it…no need to go back. I couldn’t believe my ears! The way the sun plays off the cliffs and the shadows cast makes it different every time you see it. I have to admit it was much nicer when you could drive yourself instead of taking the bus. You could get more up close and personal! And the places they allow you to go now are not the same places you could go when you drove. But it is still worth seeing.

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