The Fox In My Backyard

A few weeks ago, my husband and I heard a noise at our front door. When we looked out the window, we saw a baby fox running off with a dead bird. A few nights later, I saw a bird lying on our steps with two puncture wounds. We quickly decided that the mother was training her pups on the art of hunting. We watched for over an hour and saw a much smaller baby fox approach. She was quite skittish. I call her ‘she’ because of her size. She was quite a bit smaller than the first fox that we had seen. Unfortunately, the photos taken were not very clear because of the triple pane glass and low light. However, upon waking the next morning, I made the unfortunate discovery of a dead fox in our yard. This was undoubtedly the baby girl fox from last night. I am posting a photo here of the poor thing.


Later that day, I decided to get some Vitamin D and laid my blanket out in the sun. I took my camera because you never know what wonderful things you will discover. After just a few minutes, I heard a very soft rustling and looked into the back yard to discover a baby red fox looking toward me.


I zoomed in on the cute little face and took a close up.


As I sat watching him, I saw his ear twitch like a radar homing in on a sound.


His attention was diverted by a bluejay that landed in the grass.



I’m sure one day he will be a great hunter, but not this day. The bluejay sensed danger and flew away, allowing the fox and I to continue gazing at each other with curiosity.


We sat for quite some time enjoying each other’s company until the sound of a tractor was heard, causing my little friend to scamper away. I look forward to our next encounter. In the meantime, I have the pictures as a reminder of The Fox In My Backyard.


9 responses to “The Fox In My Backyard

  1. Sad that one of these creatures died but lovely to see the other pup so bright and alert and curious. I know they are considered pests but I think they are such beautiful animals. Thanks for sharing.

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    • Thanks for the compliment. We moved from the big city to an 80 acre farm and we soon discovered so many wild creatures. I recall the foxes and how they soon keep a good distance. I think it was because of our dog, Toby. He was a beagle and didn’t play well with others. Wild creatures, anyway. LOL I do hope they stay away from your chickens.

  3. It’s ironic you posted this! Yesterday I watched a video which I think was a Godvine video about someone petting a fox and how happy it was…it’s reactions…to the point that when the man stopped petting it, it would make a sound, grab the mans hand and that was asking the man to keep petting it! It was such a cute video! If I had known about this I would have sent it to you to watch….although it was obvious the fox must have been a pet because it was in an enclosure or it was somewhere on a preserve like the ones at Wolf Park in Lafayette. I don’t think I would venture to take a chance petting one in the wild! They are gorgeous creatures aren’t they? Remember when we 1st moved to the farm and we saw at least one a week for a while? Guess we scared ’em off, cause they were gone within a few months!

    • Hi! That is so cool…scary, but cool. I remember the first few times. We had just moved from the big city and we’d never seen anything other than squirrels and bunnies. I know I was enthralled at seeing such a wild creature but scared at the same time. It didn’t take long to get used to all the wild critters. Send the video. I’d love to see it.

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